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January 14, 2010.  Tia -- A wonderful little Shih Tzu  



This post is in memory of Tia who took on the job of alerting me whenever my son, a diabetic with frequent episodes of low blood sugar, needed my attention.  She will never be forgotten.  From Barb W-M


January 15, 2010Black Bear Visiting



It is always interesting when unexpected wildlife drops in.  This black bear came right by the front windows to inspect the bird feeder which hangs there and then went to the back of the house to check out the bird feeders there -- left picture.  He appeared more interested than anxious when the pictures were being taken and then ambled across the field into the swampy area which makes up a fairly large portion of our property.  This visitation took place in mid-July, 2009.  From Barb W-M




January 26, 2010  Jessie -- An Important Family Member


Jessie is an eleven-year-old part Blue Heeler.

I bought her from an animal rescue agency when she was one year old.  She and little Tia (above) were great friends.  Jessie likes people, horses, cats, chickens, and other dogs.  Although she likes people she also knows when to protect and has the bark and size to let you know that she means business.  A great friend!  From Barb W-M




February 1, 2010  Submitted by Marta Lynne Searle Gill

Diamond Dog

Walker Hounds are meant to smell and trail the quarry; coon, fox etc.  At one-year-old, Diamond came to me as a failure in hunting, being people and gun shy.  Her tan and white markings had one diamond shape, hence her name.  Almost impossible to pull from the back of his truck, friend Mac tied her in a dark corner of his hay barn with only food and water.  It seemed like a Helen Keller transformation as she emerged, after 2 weeks of isolation, as a friendly, approachable dog -- a diamond, running free on our farm for the rest of her life.  



Susie-Q  When my young sister, Nancy, had to name a new pup, about sixty years ago, her decision-making skills were not yet in tact.  She chose this series:  Suzy-Q Fido Lassie Pluto Skippy Rusty Felix Kinky Sylvester Barbara Lulu Squeezix Twin Good-for-everything-except-nothing Searle.  How appropriate for a Dachshund -- a long name for a long dog!

Mud  As head of our household, in about 1950, Dad proclaimed loud and clear:  "If we get a cat around here, its name will be 'Mud'!"  That's what we named her.




February 1, 2010  Submitted by Keith Ward


The Wards had a horse called "Strawberry".  The winters in those days were more severe than today.  The upkeep of the roads was poor due to the inadequate amount of machinery.  The Wards kept a vehicle in Balsam in the winter as the road was often impassable.  Strawberry would pull a wooden stone boat, taking the family to the car in Balsam.  They would then turn Strawberry around to go back home alone.  He would go to the barn gate and someone would unhitch the stone boat and put Strawberry away.  I'm not sure how they knew when to go back to Balsam to pick them up.  Maybe a cell phone would have been handy.  One day Strawberry missed the laneway and was found standing on the railway track.  Strawberry was taken to the Ward laneway and sent up to the farm.


A Funny Name

A bachelor named Joe lived on the Uxbridge-Pickering Town Line in Glen Major.  He would work for local farmers at harvest time.  It took several men to harvest due to their less than hi-tech equipment.  Joe had a hound dog-perhaps for hunting.  One particular dog I remember had a memorable name -- "Timber Doodle Fin Dygin Fon Purple"

Would you like to try to say that?



March 3, 2010      Submitted by Marta Lynne Searle Gill

A Birth Announcement


St. Bernard (Bernie) and Bella Painter

are    very    proud    to    announce
Wednesday,  March 3rd, 2010
the   safe    arrival    of
seven  little





Growing Up




Congratulations to All from Hoodsland!




March 22, 2010   Now there is one

Hoodsland Maude M  (Wee Hazel M - Chad Hanover)

This post is in memory of Hoodsland Dutchman (Wee Hazel M - Chad Hanover).  Dutchman hurt his hind leg and had to be put down March 8, 2010.  He was 26 years old.  Bred, born and raised by Hoodsland Stable.  Having horses continuously since 1960 I am now down to one horse, pictured above -- Hoodsland Maude M, age 27/2010.  From Barb W-M

Follow-Up:  Hoodsland Maude M  Passed away April 24, 2018 at age 35 yrs.


September 22, 2013  Meet Randy, A Great Little Mini



      Click picture above to see Randy Learning!   



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