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 Hand Knit Dishcloths: <New Handcrafted Merchandise> These new hand-knitted, 100% cotton rectangular cloths make great dishcloths but can be used for anything that strikes your fancy. They measure approximately 8 inches x 9 ˝ inches. They are very durable and soft enough to be a washcloth. Would make a nice tiny doll blanket or plant / teapot doily. Great for cleaning up toddlers. I am selling them in threes at the stated price. There are other colours than those in the picture. Amongst the colours available are - variegated blue and white, variegated blue and pale yellow, variegated pink and green and white, peach tones, and purple tones. The cloths bundled together are more or less colour coordinated. Pick the bundle of three to suit your home decor. The knitted patterns vary. These are well made and truly nice.

knit dishcloths

Item # F00001 Price: $8.99 Can.  Postage: $8.50 to US and Canada.  International customers please request postage quote.


Cream and Sugar Set:  <New Merchandise> Lovely creamer and sugar set with fruit motif. Imported from Taiwan by Giftcraft. The set is white with fruit designs both front and back. The creamer is 3 inches high and the base is 3 inches wide. It has blue plums with green leaves both front and back. The sugar bowl also measures 3X3 inches. Its fruit design is yellow plums with green leaves, both front and back. The sugar bowl has a lid with a dainty Ivy effect around it.

cream and sugar

Item # F00002 Price: $9.50 Can.  Postage: $11.50 to US and Canada.  International customers please request postage quote.


Mugs by "Biltons": <New Owner Needed> These two mugs are Made in England. One has rose coloured flowers and the other has gold coloured. Each has "Pumula" written on them. The leaves on each mug are green and the design is on both sides. The rim of each cup is dark brown. The interior is also dark brown. The mug with gold flowers has a small chip in the brown rim.(left most mark noted in picture). The other marks noted on the rims are reflections. The right mug has no chips or cracks. Biltons, Made in England is found on the bottom of each mug. Each mug is approximately four inches high and three inches in diameter.

bilton mugs

Item # F00005 Price: $2.50 Can.  Postage:  $11.50 to US and Canada.  International customers please request postage quote.

Wooden Bowl Set, 5 Bowls, Gently Used:  Very nice used wooden bowl set.  The four individual serving bowls are in good condition and measure 5 1/2 inches in diameter.  The large bowl has two edge cracks (one can been seen in the picture if you look closely) and measures 9 inches in diameter.  These cracks may or may not lessen the utility of the bowl depending on the food content.

wood bowls

Item # F00003 Price: $5.00 Can.  Postage:  $20.00 to US and Canada (due to weight and size of package).  International customers please request postage quote.


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